pain targeted me

when I could not see

that the red beam

had something to do with my dream

hurting feels like pain’s pleasure

thought I’d cry forever


just from the glow in my eyes

scared to walk

tears muffled my talk

my speech

I-I at times just could not reach

now that I have my voice

now that I am laughter’s rejoice

stumbling into peace

people yelling at me, now hold that muffled speech

oh how I retreat

of knowingly, it’s a definite reason that society targeted me

this girl could have died

but I-I oh I-

I looked at my two daughter-at my husband

and knew that I could not let my strength die

now I am just overdosing on courage

if it’s a thrifty skirt-I wear it

society had better bear it

for I declare it

I’m here to live

and to give-


that when you think you cannot cope

God shows you, you can stomach this!



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