I Changed My Hair

TanishaB PIC  2I needed my peace
trying to kill tears that would not decease
why do people strike me?
finding away to escape what I see…
I look to the ocean
I-I look deep of the outer banks of the sea
and I see me..
I changed my hair
along with my care
I stopped stumbling around the truth
remembering this fig tree-housed roots
of all I been through
nobody knows the truth
they just assume too
I changed my hair
along with my care
I-I changed my hair
I walk head high
keeps me from spilling my cry
I’m living-
what I can of me
no matter what people see
I changed my hair
along with my care
I found a trajectory
that walked me free
so when they whisper and laugh at me
I cannot weep of clarity
of how people fear
the smiles in front of my tear
I changed my hair
along with care
gathered my essence
steadily counting my blessings
I changed my hair!
I changed my hair!
of freewill
don’t mind me, look if you will
know that I no longer care


changing something as simple as a hairdo, shows that we get to display reflections of freedom

Why are we here?

We are here to shed tears, the ones that teaches us to swim. We are here to lose things, things that we learn just how we can live without them. We are here to become heartbroken, so that we can fix our hearts without glue-molding our selves. We are here to smile, so that  our glee wins the war against our sadness. We are here to hold the ropes in tug of war, as if they are attached to our hands. We are here to dry our soaking eyes as if tissue is the new umbrella. We are here to change what we want to change of purpose-to answer callings that are ringing our phones-we are here leave spirits that are legacies of triumphing in a world where people do not even begin to comprehend our glory! Why are we here? To translate in to grace. ~TanishaB